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I Pegged!

Sasha Sobolevsky

I'm obsessed with having a penis. I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised a female and have lived as a female for 30 years. I was born the correct gender for myself, but I’ve always wanted a penis. I frequently dream about it, and I’m always jealous of guys with huge bulges I see walking around.

My favorite pegging depiction

My favorite pegging depiction

Lucky for me, I met someone who wanted to make that dream a reality. He has played around with prostate toys and really enjoyed it, and was curious about pegging. (Side note-that wiki article about pegging has the best image ever). This was the chance to have a penis that I’d been waiting for.

Camryn Harness

Camryn Harness

We went to Babeland and bought the Camryn harness, because it was minimal so I would be able to have some sensation, and a dildo. Neither of us realized how expensive this was going to be, but SO WORTH IT. I won’t get into all the details, but we came home and used lots and lots of lube.

The experience was incredible. I loved being able to provide pleasure to my partner in a way that I never have before. There was something about “giving it to him” that made me feel so powerful and in control, also in a way I never have before sexually. I often feel that I can’t or shouldn’t ask for what I want, either because I am a sub or because I am a woman. But seeing him as a bottom gave me a new perspective. It was also very emotionally affirming for me to take on the Dominant role. I felt more comfortable doing that with a “penis” than without. I always sub, and I think I still prefer that, but this experience makes me consider switching more often, with or without a strap-on. In addition, never having been in a Dominant role, I thought it was more about taking, but as I said above, it was very much about giving pleasure to my partner. He said it felt great for him too and would be more than happy to continue this experiment.

One note about size: the dildo we got was too small for the harness ring, so if you plan to do this make sure the dildo is held tight and doesn’t flop out of the harness. Our harness has adjustable cock rings to handle different size dildos, so that was a good choice.